Green Plug was established to improve the customer experience for external power adapters through technological innovation and is leading the industry in bringing intelligence, power monitoring and advanced control to AC-DC power adapters and the consumer device ecosystem.

Green Plug-based smart power adapters can communicate with their load devices to improve the control of power in the total system. Therefore, a Green Plug-based power system is more efficient and responsive to the needs of the users, which in turn benefits our environment by using less energy.

New Market Drivers
The convergence of consumer demand for more convenience and government mandates for energy efficiency has changed the economics of building environmentally-friendly products. Green Plug™ solutions provide manufacturers with the ability to significantly lower BOM costs while growing revenue from lucrative, higher-margin energy-efficient charging devices.

Green Plug also allows manufacturers to build more efficient power systems that respond to demands from the load device and interact with the energy provider in a manner controlled by the consumer. The manufacturer can also build a high value charger that can support a number of devices, thereby improving the consumer experience and enhancing the brand image. Customers will flock to vendors that provide devices that are less expensive to operate than their competitors.