PURE, the world leading digital radio maker, plans to be the first company to enable its popular radios to accept power from smart power adapters. Green Plug and PURE are working together to add the free GLP macro to an existing component in the PURE product and are integrating the GPP chip into a newly designed smart power adapter. Smart power adapters dynamically adapt to the power requirements of the products that they are connected to and automatically reduce standby and no-load power. Green Plug is a pioneer in the technology that enables this dynamic behavior and automated power shutoff as well as provides a platform for advanced applications including power consumption monitoring.

PURE has led the way in environmentally friendly electronics products with its EcoPlus initiative. As many people now choose PURE radios for their Eco-friendly technologies as for their stylish design or advanced features. Green Plug’s innovative green power management technologies further minimize the impact of electronic products on the environment.