Power adapters in use today are wasteful, because:
  • Large amounts of older, inefficient AC-DC converters are still being used
  • Conventional designs waste power.

Installed Base of Old, Inefficient AC-DC Converters
Old power adapters are less efficient than those that use recent technologies. Even recently purchased power adapters most often have no automated standby and no-load power shutoff causing vampire power drain – energy that is consumed when devices are not in use or present. In contrast, Green Plug's single and multi-port universal power architecture allows power adapter designers to develop the most energy-efficient AC-DC power solutions with PFC. Moreover, Green Plug’s patented digital communication technology enables power adapters and electronic devices to collaborate, saving energy whenever possible. We envision a future where connected devices, through their power cords, will negotiate power and react to demand/response conditions enabling even small appliances to participate in the Smart Grid.