To demonstrate the capabilities provided by communication at the Power System level, Green Plug worked with CE industry leaders to create a Power Ecosystem. Green Plug and leading CE product companies with clear commitment to consumer convenience and the environment, including NEC Personal Products, Fabrik and Ricoh, demonstrated at CES 2009 concept systems that utilize the Greentalk power system communication protocol.

NEC collaborated with Green Plug over two notebook PC models that were amongst the most popular of the items showcased at the Green Plug demo suite, the LaVie J ultra portable and the LaVie C premium notebook. At less than 3 lbs., the LaVie J is lightweight, has 6 hours of battery life and offers a 12.1" wide screen. The LaVie C offers a rich visual experience, 16" wide screen and Blu-Ray disk playback.

NEC worked with Green Plug to install a circuit in a few development systems that communicates with Greentalk-enabled power adapters. The NEC systems when in standby mode shut power at the power adapter, eliminating standby power drain. In addition, a standard 3-pin power connector was used that showed seamless power interoperability between the two very different NEC LaVie notebook PCs (one is 10.5V and the other is 19V), but also with HP All-In-One PCs, Canon printers, Cisco routers, Fabrik disk drives and several other products.

Ricoh also participated in the demo showcase. Ricoh's commitment to the Three P's Balance™ - Planet, People and Profit - is more than just a slogan. They act. Together, we enabled Ricoh R10 and GX200 cameras to get power from the Green Plug-enabled smart power hub. And, Fabrik and Green Plug worked together on the most eco-friendly external drive, the SimpleTech [re] drive, made from recycled aluminum, using a bamboo cover and smart enough to shut down when not needed.

Innergie, developer of the world's smallest and most versatile universal power adapter also announced that it has teamed up with Green Plug. Innergie and Green Plug demonstrated the Greentalk-enabled mCube90G powering a variety of consumer electronic devices, each with unique power requirements.

The mCube90G features an innovative two-piece design, in which the smaller Auto/Air adapter can be detached, enabling use of an even more compact adapter when getting power from DC power sources, such as automobiles and airplanes. It can power virtually any electronic product, dynamically matching each device's power need.