Green Plug’s founder was the co-founder of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and he knows the results that are possible by aligning the interests of global manufacturers through standards. The company has identified a significant contributor to the high cost of battery-powered consumer electronics products, wasted energy and unnecessary toxic waste - and is doing something about it.

We are dedicated to improving the power conversion experience by evolving the control of the power conversion process and enabling power engineers to move to the next stage of power adapter development. By integrating the flexibility of a digital controller with a robust, rich communication protocol for the system load and a versatile interface for the wider connected world, Green Plug has created a unique capability that will allow system designers and power engineers to realize solutions that better fit the needs of consumers who want more control over their products and energy consumption behavior.

Green Plug technology allows developers to realize multi-port power stations that fit our work and home environments better than our current "wall-wart" and power strip approach to simultaneously power many different devices.

Green Plug works with world-leading power IC vendors to incorporate our fully programmable controllers into their solutions. In this way, our customers can take a platform approach to manage the large number of products they must support. What Green Plug can do in simple parameter configuration and software changes in real-time takes weeks to accomplish using conventional methods.


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